Find hidden fishing spots

How to find hidding fishing spots?

Have you run out of fishing locations? If you are like me then you have. The same spot gets old or overrun` at a certain time of year.

You hound fishing shops and fisherman about new places. Rarely do those conversations result in accurate information.

Thanks to technology, finding new places to fish is easy. You can do all of it from an app that many of you have on your phone and use weekly if not daily.

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Interview with Gary Borger

gary borger

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Gary Borger has been a fly fishing idol of mine ever since I put in his VHS tape of fishing streams approximately twelve years ago. I was new to the fly fishing scene and soaked up every bit of his methodical approach to catching fish.Gary is an amazing fly fishing instructor, teacher, and storyteller.  I was able to catch Gary between flights and fly fishing events.He was generous enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a couple of questions pertaining to his involvement and success in fly fishing.

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