The Best 7 Fly Fishing Podcasts

The Best 7 Fly Fishing Podcasts

We love podcasts, especially fly fishing podcasts. Podcasts range from interviews to sharing of fish tales. We’ve collected some of our favorite podcasts and shared them below. Enjoy!

1. Ask About Fly Fishing

Ask About Fly Fishing started as an internet radio broadcast. Roger was podcasting before it was cool or even known as podcasting. The episodes have only gotten better with time.

You can listen to Ask About Fly Fishing here.

2. Anchored with April Vokey

April sits down with huge names in the fly fishing business: Joan Wulf, Gary Loomis, and Gary Borger. Her episodes cover more than fly fishing. She starts with how the guest got into fly fishing and digs in from there. April has the clearest voice and tells a beautiful story for each of her quests. Her episodes often frequent 90 minutes in length. You’ll be asking for more after each episode.

You can listen to Anchored with April Vokey here.


3. The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer

Tom is an excellent interviewer. He has a ton of knowledge about fly fishing which makes his conversations with guests that much more enjoyable.

You can listen to The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer here.

4. The Itinerant Angler

Zach is another excellent interviewer. He sometimes strays from strictly fly fishing guests which is refreshing and shows his dedication to the outdoors and not just the sport.

You can listen to The Itinerant Angler here.

5. The Open Fly

Kirk, Evan, and Derek bring a plethora of fly fishing knowledge to this podcast. It is also well done on the audio end. Makes sense Evan being a trained audio engineer.

You can listen to The Open Fly here.

6. Fish On The Brain

Tim talks about everything related to fly fishing. He discusses both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing.

You can listen to Fish On The Brain here.

7. Drop Jaw Flies

Absolutely hilarious. Jason and Chad love to have a good time and talk fly fishing. There episodes are chill and more of a conversation that bounces around. They are always fun and informative.

You can listen to Drop Jaw Flies here.


#ProTip: Speed up podcast episodes to 1.5x the speed. This skips over pauses and is more engaging. The ultimate goal is to get to 2x speed.


What are your favorite fly fishing podcasts? We’re always looking for more podcasts to listen to and learn from.