Find hidden fishing spots

Find hidden fishing spots

How to find hidding fishing spots?

Have you run out of fishing locations? If you are like me then you have. The same spot gets old or overrun` at a certain time of year.

You hound fishing shops and fisherman about new places. Rarely do those conversations result in accurate information.

Thanks to technology, finding new places to fish is easy. You can do all of it from an app that many of you have on your phone and use weekly if not daily.

Yep, you guessed it – Google Maps.

If manually scanning Google Maps doesn’t sound like your thing – stay tuned. You will like the second method.

How to Find Bodies of Water

Manual Method

I start out with the regular map view when looking for new bodies of water to fish. I slowly scan the map, zooming in and out until I locate a pond, lake, creek or river worth investigating.

After I have located a body of water, I switch to Earth view to get a better lay of the land. Google Earth allows you to zoom in and see the landscape along the body of water.

Google Maps has an awesome aerial view that shows land and bodies of water.

The process is definitely not rocket science but does require time as it is strictly trial and error.

Community Sourced Method

Fishidy is an incredible community sourced application. You can enter your zip code or city/state and Fishidy will show community member’s posts.

They have a mobile app but their desktop app is more powerful and easier to navigate.

Sign up for a free account here.



How do you find new fishing places? Drop me a line. I love to hear of new ways and will update this post with new ideas as learn of them.